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Leaves35PinkFuschia1LeavesOmo Masalai Skeleton Men63Omo Masalai Skeleton MenElephant 25150EmbeeElephant 25BUNNY & KITTEN FRIENDS_160BUNNY & KITTEN FRIENDS_Winterace-976221Winterace-976Castle De Haar, Haarzuilens, The Netherlands300Taty73Castle De Haar, Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

POTW: Puzzle Of The Week Challenge

POTWJoin in our "Puzzle of the week" challenge. This weeks theme - "mountains/ mountain climbing". Details about this competition find at our rules. The winner will be announced to our Facebook page. Like it and be closer to the action! Jigsaw Planet team wish everyone luck!

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Foto Oso Panda6Foto Oso PandaBrasília-STJ300Brasília-STJCHINE Shanghai Passerelle surélevée72CHINE Shanghai Passerelle surélevéeBraised Chicken with Artichokes...240meikiBraised Chicken with Artichokes...Volkswagen Käfer128pinkmanVolkswagen KäferStones96StonesColourful Crafts @ toocrafts.com...80715ajan3Colourful Crafts @ toocrafts.com...Taj mahl50Taj mahlBugatti170staroympaBugattibloemen-in-de-lente126Jose1950bloemen-in-de-lenteH9vq9wn8mfg150kaabalinaH9vq9wn8mfgS 135S 1bright and cheerful35puzzlesr4funbright and cheerfulHuskies Ready For the Run Alaska USA96gamtnwxHuskies Ready For the Run Alaska USAVancouver104pinkmanVancouverArt-oolong-tea-devushka-792170AzuriteArt-oolong-tea-devushka-792Horse in a mountain meadow60leoleobobeoHorse in a mountain meadowVegeland-bg-large60Vegeland-bg-largelakeside houses108bardunlakeside housesyellow dandelion12ardenayellow dandelionWaterlilies, pink and white35artytypeWaterlilies, pink and whiteClaire-danes25204steve234Claire-danes25Wm 1212 summer village 120035PododoWm 1212 summer village 1200Norway Spruce needle stomata63Norway Spruce needle stomata