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POTW: Puzzle Of The Week Challenge

POTWJoin in our "Puzzle of the week" challenge. This weeks theme - "Fly kite". Details about this competition find at our rules. The winner will be announced to our Facebook page. Like it and be closer to the action! Jigsaw Planet team wish everyone luck!

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beautiful lady elegant eye brazil face wallpaper24dankenstynebeautiful lady elegant eye brazil face wallpaperPatio de Córdoba24patijewlPatio de CórdobaImage35ImageGreen room168Green room81mLgiSyGmL. SL150035Pododo81mLgiSyGmL. SL1500Squirl136madmerrySquirl☺♥ Colorful...48Celestialflyer☺♥ Colorful...Pigs in a basket from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle9996auricle99Pigs in a basket from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99Nasa space walk96Nasa space walkThe Simpsons208EliEThe SimpsonsThe-inside-of-an-empty-boeing-787-8130jonesroThe-inside-of-an-empty-boeing-787-8Carnaval5150Carnaval5Bubai35LetiBravoBubaisexy117tigerloversexyPinecone Pile 248KwichrisPinecone Pile 2happy kids flying kites20qwertzhappy kids flying kitesFlowers flowerbed garden12hlinikFlowers flowerbed gardenUSAF A-10 Thunderbolt out of Spangdahlem AB Germany by USAF Phot321groc1USAF A-10 Thunderbolt out of Spangdahlem AB Germany by USAF Phot428983120Jose1950428983Cooper 1275 sc 0022240Cooper 1275 sc 0022Stars Cookies120VioletaBStars CookiesGypsy vanner50ChicagosmomGypsy vannerVol4 off 0235Vol4 off 02Roasted duck with apples & prunes...240meikiRoasted duck with apples & prunes...