painting 97×
art 95×
landscape 65×
christmas 62×
snow 45×
holidays 24×
autumn 23×
photography 17×
halloween 15×
kinkade 11×
97 puzzles tagged painting
Spring bunny
A Bear in the Woods
Boys Fishing by the Waterfall
David Drummond painting
Sam Park - Annecy
Sam Park - Archway to Venice
Sam Park - Antiga Giacomo
Sam Park - unknown title of painting
Samuel Carr - Christmas Eve along the Hudson with the Palisades
Rustic Christmas
Robin Moline carolers
Robin Moline carolers
Christmas village
Christmas in the Village
Jane Wooster Scott Jingle Bells
Jane Wooster Scott Jingle Bells
Thomas Kinkade Home for Christmas
Robin Moline Joys of Christmas
Chuck Pinson - Hope Runs Deep