Santa hat


art 127×
painting 118×
landscape 85×
christmas 73×
snow 54×
holidays 35×
autumn 31×
photography 27×
paintings 20×
halloween 19×
118 puzzles tagged painting
Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar 2014
Santas Workshop
Santa and the Boys
Norman Rockwell - We got a new Plymouth, Grandma!
Mike Savad - Front Porch
Christmas in the Library
Iva WIlcox - Halloween Haunted Mansion
Robert Pettes - Quilting Bee
Bob Pettes - Meeting the Train
Autumn Hayride
Rafal Obinski - Window to Heaven
Rafal Olbinski - Rainy Day
Rafal Olbinski - La Boheme
Rafal Obinski - Escape into Life
Rafal Olbinski - Dancing horses
The Pan - Robin Williams
Spots Flying Off Dalmatian
Snowy night in town
A Lovely Front Yard
Janet Kruskamp - Welcome to My Garden