^ Chinese spicy chicken35^ Chinese spicy chicken^ Over-the-top ice cream concoctions6^ Over-the-top ice cream concoctions^ Pumpkin Spice Latte Parfait16^ Pumpkin Spice Latte Parfait^ Pumpkin pie slice35^ Pumpkin pie slice^ Apple pie a la mode12^ Apple pie a la mode^ Coffee Jelly30^ Coffee Jelly^ Breakfast smile35^ Breakfast smile^ Preserved freshness32^ Preserved freshness^ Fall table10^ Fall table^ Sandwich with purple cabbage slaw35^ Sandwich with purple cabbage slaw^ Pumpkin pie martini35^ Pumpkin pie martini^ Winter livestock feed35^ Winter livestock feed^ Cup of tea and pumpkin spice bread35^ Cup of tea and pumpkin spice bread^ Seafood salad wrap28^ Seafood salad wrap^ Halloween caramel apples with peanut butter35^ Halloween caramel apples with peanut butter^ Po Boy Sandwich35^ Po Boy Sandwich^ Apple cake35^ Apple cake^ Corn Quiche35^ Corn Quiche^ Apples by the bushel basket20^ Apples by the bushel basket^ Good morning coffee smile32^ Good morning coffee smile