^ Costa's Hummingbird30^ Costa's Hummingbird^ Butterfly that blends into surroundings20^ Butterfly that blends into surroundings^ Purr-fect Christmas12^ Purr-fect Christmas^ Wild Horse36^ Wild Horse^ Scottish Cat and Christmas Decorations35^ Scottish Cat and Christmas Decorations^ Ring Neck Pheasant35^ Ring Neck Pheasant^ Dancing goldfish12^ Dancing goldfish^ Owl with glasses35^ Owl with glasses^ Ardenwood Farm and The Monarch Butterflies, California24^ Ardenwood Farm and The Monarch Butterflies, California^ Someone to cuddle with32^ Someone to cuddle with^ Colorful fish24^ Colorful fish^ Branch sitting bird32^ Branch sitting bird^ Blue Macaw35^ Blue Macaw^ Lovebirds28^ Lovebirds^ Feeding the hungry chicks24^ Feeding the hungry chicks^ Blue butterflies15^ Blue butterflies^ Lioness35^ Lioness^ Snail35^ Snail^ Hawk35^ Hawk^ Golden pheasant35^ Golden pheasant