^ Bluebird20^ Bluebird^ Beauty in flight9^ Beauty in flight^ Out on a limb6^ Out on a limb^ Pelicans21^ Pelicans^ Bunny4^ Bunny^ Camels at sunset28^ Camels at sunset^ Lilac-Breasted Roller24^ Lilac-Breasted Roller^ Take time to stop & smell the flowers.....6^ Take time to stop & smell the flowers.....^ Kitten12^ Kitten^ Kingfisher diving12^ Kingfisher diving^ Scarlet Macaw24^ Scarlet Macaw^ Maru ~ YouTube fame30^ Maru ~ YouTube fame^ Color line of parrots12^ Color line of parrots^ Morgan mare20^ Morgan mare^ Monarch Butterfly35^ Monarch Butterfly^ Lazy dog ~ John Wilhelm28^ Lazy dog ~ John Wilhelm^ Catbird seat15^ Catbird seat^ Cute baby kitten6^ Cute baby kitten^ Are you kitten meow right now24^ Are you kitten meow right now^ Is this the Cheshire Cat25^ Is this the Cheshire Cat