^ Owl closeup24^ Owl closeup^ Blue butterfly on leaf24^ Blue butterfly on leaf^ Chinese Mandarin duck40^ Chinese Mandarin duck^ Golden Retriever and Flower35^ Golden Retriever and Flower^ Rufous hummingbird12^ Rufous hummingbird^ Patroling35^ Patroling^ Parakeets32^ Parakeets^ Hunting cat24^ Hunting cat^ Starfish36^ Starfish^ It's escape time12^ It's escape time^ Blue butterfly40^ Blue butterfly^ Bee Eater6^ Bee Eater^ Cats on the shelf24^ Cats on the shelf^ Crow flying on back of eagle ~ photo by Phoo Chan35^ Crow flying on back of eagle ~ photo by Phoo Chan^ Kingfisher with fish42^ Kingfisher with fish^ Goldfinch on thistle35^ Goldfinch on thistle^ Beauty regime40^ Beauty regime^ Fox Hiding Among Fox Hounds30^ Fox Hiding Among Fox Hounds^ Kingfisher35^ Kingfisher^ Tufted Titmouse6^ Tufted Titmouse