I enjoy finding and creating a diversity of puzzles and usually include a sampling of different subjects daily so that there are puzzles for everyone: scenic; seasons-holidays-special occasions, people, art, animals, flowers, food, colors, boats-cars-planes, etc. & misc. I hope you find a few to play. Since Jigsaw does not publish all puzzles submitted (especially art), look through my file folders to see them all. And remember you can always customize the number of the pieces.


300zx 17602×
colorful 3235×
food 3191×
house 3153×
colors 2990×
home 2811×
flowers 2753×
color 2652×
art 2566×
architecture 2125×

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^ Vintage gas pumps35^ Vintage gas pumps^ Polar Bear Claw Candies35^ Polar Bear Claw Candies^ Sorn Castle Gatehouse, Scotland35^ Sorn Castle Gatehouse, Scotland^ Ribbon candy cane stripes35^ Ribbon candy cane stripes^ Christmas24^ Christmas^ Overeating36^ Overeating^ Palácio da Pena, Portugal32^ Palácio da Pena, Portugal^ Colorful Merry Christmas35^ Colorful Merry Christmas^ Grand Teton National Park, WY24^ Grand Teton National Park, WY^ Christmas Old Saint Nick dishes15^ Christmas Old Saint Nick dishes

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