If you don’t like the number of pieces that I create of my puzzles but want to play them with more/less pieces, go to Play As, then Custom and pick the number & shape that you would like. I do this to quite a few of the puzzles that I play. I hope you find a few that you like.


300zx 19686×
food 3739×
house 3677×
colorful 3660×
colors 3413×
home 3330×
flowers 3134×
color 3078×
art 2928×
architecture 2357×

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^ Breakfast healthy foods24^ Breakfast healthy foods^ Wisteria fence24^ Wisteria fence^ Fence24^ Fence^ William Ross Rust House, Tacoma,Washington24^ William Ross Rust House, Tacoma,Washington^ Wymondham Railway Station, England12^ Wymondham Railway Station, England^ Window box of geraniums, impatiens, variegated ivy35^ Window box of geraniums, impatiens, variegated ivy^ Chili Cheese Fries24^ Chili Cheese Fries^ Bean Picking ~ Anna Pugh12^ Bean Picking ~ Anna Pugh^ Gold padlock6^ Gold padlock^ Pink roses and gerberas12^ Pink roses and gerberas

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