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25 puzzles tagged funny

Play with hamsters77Play with hamstersNuther cat80Nuther catCatBox90CatBoxI Can't Swim24I Can't SwimCat Treadmills108Cat TreadmillsCat's Map of the Bed108Cat's Map of the BedThe cat ate it35The cat ate itSearching for Mice12Searching for MiceSquirrel BBQ12Squirrel BBQFreaky Cat24Freaky CatOh NO..... I Forgot24Oh NO..... I ForgotYou so funny..12You so funny..The Animal Band24The Animal BandClose Up Ostrich12Close Up OstrichAnimal Band35Animal BandWhat's Up35What's UpMy Day35My DayHung out to dry12Hung out to dryChoose to be Happy20Choose to be HappyI Am Smiling20I Am Smiling